Powell Hays and Company LLC

. . . . Here you can prepare your taxes from the comfort of your home using a safe, reliable and accurate system.
  • Easy: Answer simple questions, get just the forms you need.
  • Quick refunds: With e-filing and direct deposit, you can get your refund as quickly as 8 days.
  • Try for free: Finish and preview your return for free.
  • Affordable: Federal preparation, printing and e-filing for one great low price.
  • One state, many states - same low price: Add state preparation for one low fee, which includes as many states as you need.
  • Supported: Detailed screen help, with unlimited e-mail support always available.
  • Comprehensive: Supports all states with income tax, and 80+ federal forms.
  • Safe: Your data is protected by SSL encryption.
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