Virginia A. Haske CPA

Greetings! You can now use this web site to file your 2007 1040EZ federal and state tax returns for under $20 or your 2007 1040/1040A federal and state tax returns for under $30.

For a cost of just $14.95*, you can safely and securely submit your 1040EZ federal tax return and receive your refund directly to your bank account usually within 4-10 days.

For 1040 or 1040A returns, the price is only $24.95* for a federal filing. Refunds and payments can be processed via your bank account as well.

* For an additional $5.00, you can prepare and file your state return as well.

When you're ready, click the red button to begin eFiling your return or simply click here to get started!

As a CPA, I am available to assist from the simplest of questions to the most complex interpretation of tax regulations. Please contact me by phone or email should you require assistance. Fees may apply.

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