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We are a small company with a big background in a lot of different areas.  Currently we have a very big variety of clients.  We have the following client types:  construction, retail sales, banking, industrial manufacturing, medical, service, manufacturing, real estate sales and development, restaurants, automotive and many more.


We prepare individual federal and all 50 state returns. We do provide city returns also. We prepare Partnership, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, Trust and Not-for-Profit returns.


We provide all the necessary parts of payroll.  There are different services that we can provide you can decide to do one without the other.

Payroll Processing (per payroll: weekly, bi-weekly, semi- monthly or monthly):
Includes calculation of payroll, preparation of payroll register, preparation of payroll check and envelope or direct deposit with the pay stubs.  Also includes accumulation of year to date payroll information for all taxing authorities and reporting purposes and calculation of Federal Tax deposit required with notification of date due.

Quarter reports (4 times per year, March, June, September and December):
These reports are due 30 days after quarter-end and include the following:
        Federal 941 report
        State of Ohio withholding report
        Ohio Workers' Compensation report (due semi-annually)
        Calculation of Federal Unemployment tax deposit due

Annual Reports:
These annual reports are due January 31st of the following year and include as follows:
       W-3 and W-2's (for employee's, federal, state and company copies)
        Federal Unemployment report (Form 940)


There is a very wide variety of jobs that can come with bookkeeping for a company.  We can do as much as you need us to provide.  We can also just simply do the monthly bank reconciliations for your company.  

If you have any other questions regarding what services we provide please feel free to call us at 513-528-1324 or you can email members of the staff.  
Kim Elmer's email:  kim@fermannco.com
Susan Schroeder's email:  susan@fermannco.com
Laramie Watson's email:  laramie@fermannco.com

Fermann & Company, LLC

4449 Mt. Carmel-Tabasco Road Cincinnati, OH 45244