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Susan Schroeder
Is a Pro-Advisior for Quickbooks.  Susan joined Fermann & Co., LLC CPAs in January of 2007.  She has been in the finanical services profession for 30+ years.  She is involved with her daughters high school, Anderson.  Susan volunteers as the treasurer of the Friends of Anderson Drama.

Kim Elmer
Holds a MBA from Franklin University. Kim joined Fermann & Co., LLC CPAs in July 2010. She has been working in the financial services sector for 20+ years.   

Laramie Watson

Holds a Bachelor of Arts from Muskingum University and is preparing to take the Certified Public Accounting exam. She started working for Fermann & Co., LLC CPAs in January of 2013.  

Fermann & Company, LLC

4449 Mt. Carmel-Tabasco Road Cincinnati, OH 45244