Edward L. Crum CPA and Company P.A.

Testimonials from actual clients:

Donald F.
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"I would trust him in anything that I ever do again."

Richard G.
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"Couldn't be happier. Couldn't have found a better professional if I tried."

Daniel M.
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"I'm very pleased with the service I got and I would definitely refer him to others."

Greg F.
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"Overall, it's just a very positive experience."

Scott K

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"Nothing but Satisfied with Edward L Crum"

The Future is Extremely Bright

Edward L. Crum CPA and Company Professional Association is an EXTREMELY Aggressive CPA Firm specializing in Tax Representation. We are committed to improving the lives of our clients. If you are interested in a career with Edward L. Crum CPA and Company Professional Association here in Frederick, Maryland please e-mail your resume to: CRUMCPA@1040.com,  or click the above link to be directly connected with e-mail.

A 2014 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Nation Wide Tax Forum Exhibitor.
Phone: 877-CRUM-CPA   Fax: 301-694-6913   CRUMCPA@1040.COM
Last Updated on May  19, 2015