Mitchell's Online Filing


o        A copy of last year's Federal and State tax returns. 
o        Articles of incorporation, partnership agreement, etc. 
o        Copy of current period balance sheet, income statement, trial balance and general ledger 
o        Prior year financial statements 
o        List of all business owners including:
Name, social security numbers, address, % of ownership, date ownership acquired and detail of distributions
o        Schedule of owner fringe benefits received 
o        Schedule of loans to/from owners including loan agreements 
o        Details of any related party transactions 
o        Copies of all payroll forms and 1099 forms for the year 
o        Amounts of any estimated tax payments 
o        Listing of interest and dividend income 
o        Vehicle information and use including vehicle leases 
o        Information on any employee benefit plans including retirement plans, health insurance, etc. 
o        Details of meals and entertainment expense 
o        Any Internal Revenue Service and Department of Revenue correspondence received during the year 
o        List of any activities in other states 
o        Details of fixed assets and depreciation schedules 
Phone: 623-907-0715   Fax: 623-907-0705   AXT101@AOL.COM